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Ultrasound Scanning

Key Benefits:


confirms maturity where dates are not reliable and inaccurate

Multiple Pregnancies

diagnoses mutiple pregnancies and thus helps in it's proper management.


Confirms site of pregnancy - eg excludes or confirms ectopic pregancy.

Detailed Look

To exclude fetal abnormalities.


Check out abnormal presentation eg breech, transverse lie. oblique lie.

Placental location and other information

Warns us about Placenta praevia, placental abruption.

Growth of Fetus

valuable in the estimation of fetal weight and the checking for discordant growth.

Doppler studies

in the blood flow studies to assess high risk pregnancies.


mother gets to feel her baby while in-utero.

3-D scan

better look at soft tissues , certain abnormalities seen better. Brings joy and wonder to parents.


Ultrasound scanning since it's advent, has revolutionised the management of pregnancy by providing a safe window into the uterus, giving us valuable information about the growing fetus and the status of the pregnancy as it is ongoing. It also gives us valuable information about pregnancy complications thus minimising mortality and morbidity of both mother and child.

It is a device that uses the qualities of high frequency sound waves within a safe frequency range and is considered harmless in contrast to most other imaging devices that we have at our disposal today. It also gives us valuable real time functional information of the status of the fetus.

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Ultrasound Scan in Progress

Dr. Chaudhury performing an Ultrasound Scan